Clearing Energy with Essential Oils
This self-paced training will teach you 12 essential oils that are effective for clearing negative energy,
plus 3 simple methods of application for clearing.

You will also receive 7 Blessings and Aromatic Rituals for using the recommended essential oils.

What is energy? 

How does energy affect you and your surroundings? 

Which essential oils should you use to affect energy? 

 Left alone to accumulate, negative energy can create uncomfortable and unsettled feelings
 depression, anxiety, irritability, and even poor health. 

 Using essential oils, affirmations, and blessings you will experience the subtle shift in energy from heavy darkness

 to uplifting, clean, fresh, and vibrant energy!

What you will learn in this informative class:

How negative energy can impact your health, mental, emotional, and physical. 

 12 Essential oils that are superb for clearing old stuck energy, allowing healthy positive energy to take its place

 3 Specific ways to use essential oils for energetic applications 7 Blessings and Rituals with affirmations for specific areas of life

Who is this class for?

This bite-sided training is perfect for anyone who is interested in natural healing and has an appreciation for, or curiosity about complementary modalities and what is referred to as vibrational, subtle, or energetic healing. 

This is an excellent starting point if you're just beginning your journey into the application of essential oils for energetic healing.

Meet your Course Instructor! 
Hi, I'm Liz Fulcher, the founder of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute, Clinical Aromatherapist, Hydrosol Therapist, Back-porch Distiller, and Aromatherapy Educator!

My passion is teaching students to work with essential oils and hydrosols so they can incorporate them into their personal lives and/or professional healing practice.

Start today to be empowered to clear the negative energy in your life so you can feel energized and joyful!

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Frequently Asked Questions
About The training
  • When does the course start and finish?
    This is a "at your own pace" course. You can start as soon as your purchase is complete and your account is created!

    And you can work through tha pace as quickly as you'd like.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have lifetime access to the course and will also get any updates I make at no additional charge.
  • How do I access the course materials?
    You'll be able to log in to your course at any time from this link: